50 lb roofing felt

(25) 1-lb. Available with 2 inch guidelines for fast and easy installation of the shingles. We supply trade quality DIY and home improvement products at great low prices Without the added underlayment of roofing felt, your building or home might not pass inspection. felts, on the other hand, seem to buckle up overnight and prove very difficult to deal with while applying shingles. Width No way to figure these here without knowing the size and shape of the roof. uk. Sheds water that may be driven under the shingles to give your home added protection. covers 400 sq. felt. roofing felt, with 2 inches, minimum lap horizontally and 4 inches minimum lap vertically. 8 degrees Celsius) or warmer than 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29. 4 - 19. Years ago, thinner 15-pound felt was the standard applied to most roofs. Enter your . ) 1 Long Metal Round Cap Roofing Nails, EG Finish, 1 inch Diameter Round Metal Cap, Ring Shank, 11-12 Gauge. Last but not least you'll need felt and depending on your preference you can use a couple of different types. #30 Felt type construction helps provide an extra layer of protection between your shingles and your roof deck (not included) Shop 36-in x 144-ft 432-sq ft felt roof underlayment in the roofing underlayment section of Lowes. Buy quality collection of Building Materials section for professional homebuilders, DIYs & contractors. When 50% or more of the roof is being replaced, requirements for Cool Roofing Will I need to apply a layer of roof felt prior to applying the new shingles? to apply a 19” strip of non-perforated 15 lb. 8 lb m /ft 2) Felt, tar and gravel roofing roofing square, 100 square feet, clay stile, clay 1 piece, #30 lb felt Roof Genius Roofgenius. It is safe, 100% water resistant, wrinkle-free surface and offers resistance to UV breakdown. With three locations and strong partnerships with manufacturers and wholesalers, we are able to stock a huge selection of multiple brands in like products, giving our customers many options to compare and choose from. Individual product weights   Than a conventional 30 Lb. With 3 underlayment options, Best Buy Metal Roofing has you covered. Of course the 30 lb is considered the better choice for climates like ours in the Pacific Northwest, but it is not necessary in other climates. The roofing material can easily be cracked or punctured when cold or torn and the mineral coating rubbed off when hot. Selvage layer/Underlayment: Be it #15/lb, #30/lb or #50/lb underlayment. 50 LB, 2. Broken tile are commonplace on this type of roof and the 90 pound surface below is a major A-153 for hot-dip zinc coating. versus a 15 lb. x 144 ft. Shingle-Mate ® Roof Deck Protection is a key part of the GAF Lifetime Roofing System, 1 and has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. Uniform flexible felt of organic fibers, impregnated with a saturated asphalt. Red Rosin Paper. per 100 square feet;  Underlayments also act as a temporary insurance policy, protecting your roof deck from Designed and priced competitively with standard 15 lb felt alternatives. 50227 | For applying roofing shingles or felt to wood sheeting pound (182 kg) of roofing gravel or 300 pounds (145 kg) of slag per square shall be applied. Roof valley areas must have a continuous 36-inch underlayment 1. A roll of 90-pound felt will cost in the neighborhood of $50. ) I seem to recall reading somewhere that roofing manufacturers do acknowledge that felt doesn't do much under the shingles other than provide another layer of protection. When installing roofing over bare wood, roofing felt -- often called tar paper -- is laid down first. , Ltd. com offers 130 50 lb waterproof paper roofing felt products. com. •I'm buying a '50s house with a “gravel” roof. 3 ft. It has just one layer, so it goes on fast and can be installed by a homeowner This specification covers asphalt-saturated organic felt used in roofing and waterproofing. Available only in the West 2 inch guidelines for fast and easy installation Used as the felt base as shingle underlayment in steep roofing, or as wall sheathing. and 30-lb. For asphalt shingles, felt paper or sheathing. Save it for sheds and chicken coops and other outbuildings. A roll of 15-pound felt covers about 4 squares; a roll of thicker 30-pound felt covers 2 squares. A roll of 15-pound felt covers about 4 squares; a roll of thicker 30-pound felt covers 2 Session ID: 2019-08-04:35cfd4269da45dd68b50dafb Player Element ID:  Replace traditional felt paper with synthetic underlayment and save time and money. on Alibaba. com Add an extra layer of protection between your shingles and roof deck with this #30 216 sq. Roofing felt is sold by the roll. But for replacement work on a residence, homeowners are often more concerned about the bottom line. felt . You'll also need to purchase some plastic caps to nail down the felt. Whatever building materials you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Moynihan Lumber. Roofing felt (similar to tar paper) is the base material used to make roof shingles and roll roofing. Starter edges must be constructed as indicated in the application information. 30 Shake 18" ASTM D4869. (6) 5-lb. When ordering any of these materials, add 15 percent for waste. Parapet Walls for Flat Roof Materials for Tear Off - Pitched Roof Qty. Now with 2'' (50 mm) guide lines for easy alignment of asphalt shingles. Metal roofs. 4375 in Head, Diamond Point, Hot Dip Galvanized, For Asphalt Shingles, Roofing Felt, Or Insulating Board A typical roof has three layers -- a felt layer and two layers of overlapping shingles. But the felt gets poked with a lot of holes once the shingles are down and doesn't seal like ice and water shield. Could anyone explain the pros and cons? Is there any reason not to get the 30 lb. 15 asphalt felt, and type II - commonly called No. The steel nails feature a hot dip galvanized finish that provides superior corrosion resistance. ) rolls of Owens Corning® Deck Defense® High-Performance Synthetic Underlayment. Tar paper is distinguished from roofing felt which is impregnated with asphalt Thirty-pound (30#) felt is now #30 felt, and usually weighs 16 to 27 pounds  Asphalt-saturated heavy-duty roofing felt is available in 15- and 30-pound weights. The entire roof deck must be covered with a minimum 15 lb. Felt underlayment comes in 15 and 30 lb options. including; Asphalt Shingles, Synthetic Shingles, Metal roofing, Tiles, Slate, and Cedar Shakes. Learn more at GapRoofingInc. 2400 lbs. Flatten roofing felt substrate and dry in a 50°C oven overnight. The best kind would be 15-pound roofing felt, which is known to provide excellent protection without sacrificing ventilation. Any wrinkles and bumps may show through after asphalt shingles are installed. 50#/Box. If your roofing project demands a premium 50-year warranty, the safe and comfortable walking surface of Viking Armor is more durable than 30 lb. Material: FELT. The large, flat head provides better retention and the round smooth shank and diamond point ensure superior holding power. The average roll of 15-pound roofing felt covers about 400 ft 2, or 4 squares, while the average roll of 30-pound roofing felt covers about 200 ft 2, or 2 squares. How many 50 lb bags of sand to cover a 10 x 10 Weight calculator for roofing materials. roofing felt to measure 29 cm X 35 cm. and 50% located in the soffit portion of the roof. performance while addressing the critical safety concerns, faced by everyday roofers. Large head and heavier shank gauge provide greater holding power. Please try our Product Index. When using roofing felt, it is important to roll it out flat and smooth. ™^ Roofing and Accessories: Tamko shingles in stock GAF, GP, ELK available Roofing Felt 90 lb Roll Roofing Roof Coating Roof Flashing Roof Edging Step Flashing Roof Turbines Roof Cement Shingle Vent Ice-Water Guard Z-Flashing Metal Roofing The homewyse Roofing Felt Paper cost estimates do not include costs for new roof decking or removal of existing roofing. Aggregate shall be dry and free from dirt and shall be in com- ArtKraft Duo-Finish Paper Roll, 50 lb, 48 Inches x 200 Feet, Emerald. No. Shipped in Standard 50-lb. . A roofing system consists of the following components: Shingles Underlayment: Felt, Synthetic, Ice & Water Shield Hip / Ridge cap Flashing Drip edge metal Ventilation (ridge vent) Pipe boots Lead & step flashing Nails, caulking, and other small things Without utilizing all of these accessories, your roof will likely leak, and your warranty Roofing Tin Caps for Holding Felt, 2 In. 500 square foot rolls. This felt will help prevent damage to your roof from wind-driven rain and water from other sources. 30 lb Roofing Felt: A Mid-grade felt, the most common choice for professional contractors who know the importance of underlayment: 45 lb Roofing Felt: Mostly out of style now, once used for industrial applications, better and cheaper synthetic underlayment are now available. Roofing Underlayment (30 lb Felt, Synthetic Underlayment, Peel & Stick Ice & Water Shield) A quality underlayment is the foundation for a roof. QUIK-FELT SYNTHETIC UNDERLAYMENT USES & DESCRIPTION Designed to enhance the life of roof and is ideally suited for composite roof shingles and under metal roof applications. Dec 8, 2013 15 lb Roofing Felt, Cheapest, Lightest and most common felt found on Titanium UDL, Synthetic Underlayment warranted for up to 50 Years! Sep 10, 2016 Traditional Felt people are familiar,” according to the Roofing Industry Educational Institute and the National Roofing Contractors Association. The best weight for roofing felt is the 30-pound product, because it provides thicker and stronger footing for Alibaba. There is 15 LB or #15 that comes 4 squares roofing felt and for 30 LB or # 30 roofing felt it comes in 2 square rolls. This prevents any ice from backing up the roof and water going through. ASTM D-4869 I (15#) 144 feet 36 in 35 lb 2. Roll roofing will cost about half of what a shingled roof will cost and can be installed as a DIY project, but do not expect this roofing material to last much beyond 10 years. The granular is to prevent the bitumen roll from heat binding during field storage. packages and 100 lb kegs, IKO offers a wide variety of asphalt products to meet your roofing needs. asphalt felt. It is sold in rolls 36 inches wide that cover either two or four squares. 4 Celsius). Aggressive nailing of the shingles and felt can help reduce damage. However, the main reason most people consider roofing felt a necessity is simply due to protecting your investment; your home. Do not try to apply rolled roofing in temperatures less than 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit (7. It is not much more to upgrade to a 30 lb. • Excellent roof deck protection vs. Click to add item "#15 Felt Roofing Underlayment asphalt 50 lb waterproof paper roofing felt, US $ 6. The standard types of felt are #15 and the more waterproof #30. New drip-edge is usually installed, new flashing may be installed around roof penetrations, and roofing felt (also known as tar paper) is installed to prevent leaks while the shingles are installed. Click on a letter to see all our products that begin with the letter you select. 25 in Length, Flat Head Style, 0. Cut a piece of 30-45 lb. 50 Lbs. Roofing, roofing Ardox (spiral), standard cedar shingles, red cedar shingles, eavestrough smooth and eavestrough Ardox (spiral) 1- inch EG Metal Round Cap Roofing Nails (50-lb. SIZES AND QUANTITIES COMMONLY USED On A New Roof – 1-1/4" - 320 nails per sq. 216 sq. Over An Old Roof – 1-3/4" - 320 nails per sq. Product description. It’s the shingles that protects the roof. Roofing felt is comprised of a base, made from natural materials (such as wood cellulose) or synthetic ones (such as fiberglass or polyester), and then coated or saturated with a protective coating such as bitumen (asphalt), which repels water but still allows the product to breathe. weights. Description. From the basic 30 lb felt paper to our premium synthetic underlayment and peel & stick, we can meet all your underlayment needs. 8. Roofing and siding nail, electro-galvanized, primarily used forapplying roofing asphalt shingles, insulation board and felt-to-wood substrates. If you have a metal roof, you’re better off using a roof underlayment with a synthetic layer that offers more heat resistance. Engineering ToolBox - Resources, Felt, tar and gravel roofing - 3 ply (4. As well, some 50 pound underlayment have a thin mineral granular dusting during manufacturing. Saturated felt is a uniform, flexible felt of organic fibres, impregnated with an asphalt saturant. Source from Cangzhou Jiansheng Building Waterproof Material Co. 2 50 107 Apply asphalt at rate of 30 lbs. I do understand that #30 felt will span gaps in plank sheathing. I do appreciate the help from this discussion board regarding a new roof for my home. The other Tar paper is a heavy-duty paper used in construction. 2 to 12. Nov 9, 2015 Because most roof coverings are not really waterproof, and would be more for roofers was an asphalt-saturated sheet “roofing felt,” which comes in 15-lb. 46. boxes per master. One thing to keep in mind The rolls are typically either 50 or 100 feet long. felt underlayment as compared to the 15 lb. Slate, Weatheredwood, Charcoal. Roofing and Accessories: Tamko shingles in stock GAF, GP, ELK available Roofing Felt 90 lb Roll Roofing Roof Coating Roof Flashing Roof Edging Step Flashing Roof Turbines Roof Cement Shingle Vent Ice-Water Guard Z-Flashing Metal Roofing Roofing Underlayment (30 lb Felt, Synthetic Underlayment, Peel & Stick Ice & Water Shield) A quality underlayment is the foundation for a roof. Care must be taken to roll out the Felt smoothly and to avoid any wrinkles as the Felt is unrolled across the roof. This underlayment can be applied to all kinds of roofs, including: metal, clay, slate, concrete tiles, and even heavyweight laminated asphalt shingles. 1 / Roll, Hebei, China (Mainland), Jianda, ASTM D-4869 226. Box of 50 Lb. S. Roofing Accessories In Stock GAF/ELK Hip and Ridge. 15 lb/432 square foot rolls and 30 lb/216 square foot rolls Pitch is also important when determining the type of underlayment to use. Its main purpose is to prevent moisture from leaking into a roof. 5% - 8. Start your roofing project right with the proper underlayment. Use ply  For asphalt shingles, roofing felt, or insulating board. GAP offers a variety of roofing felt products, including organic base sheets, saturated felts in #15 or #30 weights, felts for asphalt and wooden shingles, as well as some specially-sized roofing felt products for particular applications, and some non-roofing felt products. Metal Roofing. A smooth side that is ideal for felt pens, finger painting and fine line drawing. Answers to questions about how to build stairs, how to calculate a stair rise and run, how to measure and cut stair stringers, how to frame a window in a wall and how to frame a roof. In the process of manufacture a single thickness of dry felt shall be saturated with an asphaltic saturant. Item no. Barbed Collated Roofing Nail, 11 ga Gauge, 1. IKO’s Type 1, 2 and 3 asphalt roofing products are suitable for use with several IKO board stock products, felt and modified membranes for a variety of application methods. L Roofing Electro-Galvanized Steel Nail Smooth Shank Large 50 lb. 4 to 27. 5 kg) units, individual- approved felt layer. A #15 asphalt-saturated (15 lb felt) underlayment is the minimum requirement for slopes 18° and greater. Felt Roof Deck Protection. ) 32lb. Used to apply asphalt shingles, insulation board, and felt to wood substrates. 15 lb/432 square foot rolls and 30 lb/216 square foot rolls Roofing Nails, electric Galvanized 10G. standard felt—helps prevent water infiltration under shingles from wind-driven rain and other sources Fiberglas™ Reinforced Felt The foundation for a better roof system Fiberglas™ Reinforced Felt is a component of the Owens Corning™ Total Protection Roofing System. This #30 Felt Roof Deck Protection provides a layer of protection between your shingles and roof deck. A minimum of 50 percent of the total aggregate shall be embedded in the flood coat of bitu-men or installed in accordance with its product approval. TAMKO 30POUND FELT 18INCH SHAKE UNDRLY ASTM  Determine the amount of roofing material you'll need with this handy tool. It lays down on the roof sheathing more easily than 15-pound, and often has fewer wrinkles. Large flat head provides large bearing surface and strong holding power. ? Since I want a quality roof, I am Felt roofing paper is quite thick (saturated with asphalt) and it's water resistant (not waterproof). ) EGRDC100 1 Long Metal Round Cap Roofing Nails, EG Finish, 1 inch Diameter Round Metal Cap, Ring Shank, 11-12 Gauge. The homeowners just pay more money for something that a thinner felt could do. What do the weights of roofing felt mean? Roofing felts generally come in packages that have a number followed by #. 2. The best weight for roofing felt is the 30-pound product, because it provides  Prevent damage to your roof from wind-driven rain using this efficient Warrior Roofing Felt Roof Deck Felt Roof Deck Protection . ft. CMI - Roofing Asphalt, Fiberboard, Synthetic Underlayment, Nail, Fasteners, Tools and Accessories Top quality roofing felt at prices you can afford! With this type of roof, it’s recommended that you use roofing felt. . Felt don’t act as waterproof, but to keep the surface from moisture and shingles from sticking to the roof deck. Over the last fifty years or so, most everyone used a petro-chemically soaked of synthetic underlayment needed to cover 10 squares weighs just 28 lbs. 3 lbs. Sharp ring-shanks ensure extra holding power. The felt helps prevent wind-driven rain from causing damage to your roof structure and home. It delivers better weather barrier performance compared to It is sold as 15-pound or 30-pound felt, a figure that represents the weight of one square (100 square feet) of the material. BLACK ROOFING TAR PAPER FOR SALE ASTM Roof Asplaht Felt 1. High Performance Roofing Underlayment. covers 200 sq. Next, around the eaves of the roof install a 50 pound roofing felt that is non-perforated. 32. 2) one layer of 50 lb. After the shingles have been torn off, there are several steps commonly taken to "dry-in" a roof. Roll roofing is different. Repair a 1938 barrel tile roof, I've found the underlying felt paper in pretty good shape. How Many Rolls of Felt Will You Need. Available in bulk liquid, 50 lb. If you plan on installing asphalt shingles on your roof, it's important to keep track of how much weight they add to it, especially if your framing and foundation are old. Grip Rite 2EGRFG 2" Electo Galvanized Roofing Nails 50 Lb Pack From the Manufacturer. Shingle-Mate ® Roof Deck Protection helps to prevent wind-driven rain from infiltrating the roof system. Breathex is an advanced breathable synthetic roofing underlayment. Base Sheet Primer for Concrete Deck Tin Caps (50lb. Roofing felt in a 30-pound weight is heavier: 30 pounds per 100 square feet. Synthetic Roofing Felt 4x250 : 50 Lb bag Premium Grade : APOC® Type 4 Roofing Asphalt is a hot applied asphalt designed to be used by professionals in built up roofing. per pallet, so less pallets to handle and store. Choose from a wide variety of felt and synthetics. Materials for Tear Off - Low Slope Roof Qty. 1650 lbs. 2 Weight 83 lb (nominal) Use under foam and mechanically attached tiles. Total 30 lb. Titanium UDL-50 is an underlayment that provides a commercial grade level protection from air, water, and vapors. Twice the coverage than 30 Lb. WTAT prep glass works well as the support base with hold down. Roofing comes in rolls 3 feet wide and 36 feet long, for a coverage of about 1 square. -UV resistant up to 60 days 50 LBS (MD). To get an accurate Allied Building Products: distributor of roofing, siding, waterproofing, interior products, windows, skylights, doors, tools & more to residential & commercial building contractors Asphalt Felt Type 15 Provides top-notch secondary protection for any roofing project. Its main purpose is to prevent moisture from  Traditional asphalt shingles typically require 15 pound roofing felt. Asphalt-saturated heavy-duty roofing felt is available in 15- and 30-pound weights. This product has excellent adhesion and waterproofing properties, and delivers consistent and dependable results. One person recommends red rosin paper and the other guy recommends 15 lb roofing felt. Owen corning Duration,Certainteed Landmark,Atlas Pinnacle or Tamko Heritage and why I am a home owner and I've had about 5 estimate. ASTM D4869. felt in terms of roofing functioning once the shingles are installed? (3) Will a 50 year Owens Corning roof last longer with a 30 lb. With this type of roof, it’s recommended that you use roofing felt. interply adhesive for standard built up roofs, especially for steep-sloped Packaging: Available in 50 lb (22. 1 -More material per roll than traditional 15 lb. The best kind would be 15-pound roofing felt, which is known to provide . All Maze Nails are 100% Made in the U. This means it is less prone to tearing. 50 lbs. Bulk Cartons Unless Otherwise Specified. Prior to making your final color selection, TAMKO recommends viewing an actual roof installation of the same shingle color and manufacturing plant you are considering for the full impact of color blending and patterns. box) 1 1/4' Roofing Nails (#7200 box) Pro Fit 1-1/2 in. com Roof calculator, calculates a detail list of roof materials, and a complete estimate. It is formulated with premium grade asphalts, and provides outstanding performance. Want the best roofing Winnipeg? We are a Winnipeg based roofing repairs company providing roofing solutions and building services in the Winnipeg area (Manit This roofing material is fragile and must not be walked. It keeps We pre-condition our felt to lay flat and remain stable during and after installation. FE1500. Roofing felt is most commonly used for the waterproofing of non-habitable garden buildings such as cabins or sheds. box) Tin Caps (50lb. Our strategic FGUR20, ASTM D226, 30lbs Heavy Duty Roof Felt (216 sq/ft), 25, 32 (108 sq/ft), 50, 32. Ask anyone that knows about roofing…manufacturer that makes felt or roofing school. Asphalt Felt. rolls of standard #30 felt compared to 2 (10 sq. Coated roll roofing should meet ASTM D224; shingle underlayment should meet ASTM D6757, ASTM D4869 Type I or ASTM D226 Type I. Buy great products from our Roof Felt Category online at Wickes. 30-pound roofing felt (it is NOT paper--it's made from either fiberglass or polyester that's been bound together with asphalt) costs the same per roll as 15-pound felt, but there are 216 square I was in two hardwood stores this weekend and the subject of underlayment came up for nail down hardwood. Help protect your new roof with quality roof deck protection. Anchor the top corner of the Felt roll after it has been properly positioned in place; then spread the roll across the roof. synthetic roof underlayment is high-strength, and it can save you up to 50% on the  Asphalt 50 Lb Waterproof Paper Roofing Felt , Find Complete Details about Asphalt 50 Lb Waterproof Paper Roofing Felt,Roofing Felt,Waterproof Paper Roofing  Sep 11, 2009 They also make what is referred to as "ASTM 30# asphalt felt" (actually ASTM D- 226 ASTM D 226 #30 (Type 2) felt: 26. ft. but always check on the shingle package and your local As well, some 50 pound underlayment have a thin mineral granular dusting during manufacturing. A. About 68% of these are waterproof membrane, 3% are steel sheets, and 2% are roofing felts. Material quality for clay tile varies and some Mexican varieties deteriorate very early. Install fasteners at least eight inches at the top and middle edges and at the eave along the deck. Which shingle is the best. felt? Black roofing tar paper felt for sale a8 - Jianda Products Made In China, China Manufacturer. MD 143 lbs (65 kg) | CD 110 lbs (50 kg) MD 70 lbs (32 kg) | CD 38 lbs (17 kg) UDL30 represents the future in felt replacement technology, and   Browse 30 LB by Vendor Browse Products in 30 LB Felt > Organic > Roofing. 5", 11 Gauge, Fasnrite Electro-Galvanized Roofing Nails. Layflat SBS is available in four weights, 25-40-50 & 60 lbs/square, to meet most in lieu of 30 & 40 # felt as an underlayment under shingle, tile, and metal roofs. GAF FeltBuster 48-in x 250-ft 1000-sq ft Felt Roof Underlayment. This is important because it will determine the proper nailing pattern for the shingles and the felt underlayment. Nails should be long enough to penetrate 3/4" into the wood deck lumber, or completely through plywood decking. it depends on the shingles, regelar 3 tab shingles use 15 lb felt, archatectual requires 30 lb felt and sheet metal requires 30 lb felt. Roofing felt, also called roofing felt paper, is underlayed on roofs before shingles are added. Start at the eaves with your shingles. 50LB 1-1/2" EG ROOF NAIL; Model #:: 112EGRFG; Diameter: 11 ga; Finish: Electrogalvanized; Head  Aug 1, 2013 Asphalt Roll Roofing (Organic Felt) Surfaced with Mineral Granules; Wide 2. asphalt 50 lb waterproof paper roofing felt, US $ 6. APOC Self-Bond 36-in x 50-ft 150-sq ft Polypropylene Roof Underlayment. f/inch Actual Permeance + 50% Pdtbhitd itt Fred Baker - April 12, 2004 Saturated Organic Felt Used in Roofing and Waterproofing. (2) Is there any reason to use a 30 lb. Hot mopped or cold process adhesive Fiberglass Mineral Surface Roll Roofing (90#) Fiberglass Mineral Surface Roll Roofing Data Sheet Fiberglass reinforced asphalt coated underlayment with a ceramic granular surface to protect against UV, weathering and physical damage. We explain the purpose of using felt paper under roofing shingles, what roofing The 15 pound was for lighter weight projects, while the 30 offered more heavy  Aug 23, 2018 Roofing felt, also called roofing felt paper, is underlayed on roofs before shingles are added. co. or heavier asphalt coated roll roofing; 3) one layer of mineral-surfaced roll roofing; and 4) two layers of 36" (915 mm) wide felt shingle underlayment. per roll and 30 lb. Boxes Re: Holding Power of Roofing Nails in 3/8" and 1/2" Plywood to pull a roofing nail head through roofing felt, both single and multiple layers. Material costs include 4. Strong winds (usually in excess of 50 MPH) can rip shingles off of a roof if they aren't fastened properly or haven't had time to seal. The minimum 30 pound felt underlayment is allowed but we strongly suggest a 90 pound underlayment be used. 7% overage commonly needed for on site fabrication and future repairs. These roofing nails are 1 1/4" in length and are available in a 50 lb box. This weight of tar paper may tear and tends to create holes around the roofing nails. Product Weight (lb. Roofers Select (Certainteed) Proprietary roofing underlayment from Felt roofing paper is quite thick (saturated with asphalt) and it's water resistant (not waterproof). Choosing longer   4' x 50' Repair Roll Blue Color Replaces 15# Roofing Felt Liner Lighter Weight Grip Rite 1PRCAP1 1 lb Electro Galvanized Round Plastic Grip-Cap Nail, 1". Two types of asphalt-saturated felts are presented: type I - commonly called No. Used for decades as waterproof coverings in residential and commercial roofs, these bitumen compositional membranes incorporate two layers. It is typically used as an underlay that sits between the surface it is being applied to and the final layer of roofing material. Roofing felt can however be applied as a final layer I want to put on a new roof. or 2-1/4 lbs. This product can be used as a base felt before installing the shingles on steep roofs or in protecting eaves. f/inch 29 lb. The heavier 30 lb. Felt 15 lb. • Ready to use The No-Smell is factory mixed to assure maximum effectiveness; no messy or dangerous additives need to be added at the kettle. a. Place roofing felt on a support base capable of holding felt in a flat position that will prevent felt from moving. 30 asphalt felt. Rolls of felt are 36″ wide x 144′ long for 15# and 72′ long for 30#. 50 LBS ( CD). A wide variety of 50 lb waterproof paper roofing felt options are available to you, such as paid samples. Type recommended by plywood producers for underlayment, sheathing, and sub-floor applications. With a quick turnaround, Saalfield says it can make sense to rely on less-expensive 30-pound felt, which is made of recycled paper, cardboard, or wood saturated with asphalt. of coverage per roll, size 70 lb. 1- inch EG Metal Round Cap Roofing Nails (50-lb. Gardner-Gibson and United Roofing have teamed up to become your #1 source in North America for asphalt saturated roofing felts. Tar paper is made by impregnating paper or fiberglass mat with tar, producing a waterproof material useful for roof construction. House photography throughout this website may have been digitally modified or created using photographs of actual shingles. or 1-3/4 lbs. For less pitch than that, double coverage 15 lb felt or one 30 lb felt underlayment should be used for extra protection against water pooling. underlayment, parallel to the starting at  GOLD is your cost effective and reliable 30 lb felt replacement product, which is Preparation: Before installing the underlayment ensure that the roof is dry and applications between 2:12 to 4:12, it is recommended to overlap 50% plus 1”. Then cover the entire roof deck that is left with a 15 pound non-perforated roofing felt, overlapping the joints by at least 4". The homewyse cost estimates include all typical costs for delivery and manufacturer recommended fasteners. 30-Pound Felt. 50 lb roofing felt

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